Q and A with Burundi’s upcoming musician Tetero

Burundi’s upcoming musician Laurette Tetero spoke with Joella Niciteretse on her career and life as a musician in the country’s music industry. PHOTO| FILE

How would you like to be known?

Someone who recently wrote about people needing a savior to take as role model, a leader.

I would like to be a role model of freedom especially for women in particular.

How many songs have you composed and released?

I have already released five songs and I am still work in progress for other songs.

What is your favorite song among the songs you’ve so far released and why?

I love « Indangamirwa » because it praises women and I was inspired by my beloved mum, a good friend and elder sister of mine by their strong and caring characters because of the impact they have wherever they go. Those two women make me proud and favored to be an African women.

What inspired you to get into the music industry?

Music has always been my refuge since I was a little girl. I am a melancholic person, so most of the time I would find myself empathizing with other people through their songs and they taught me how to put my feelings in words and interpret them. Primusic was an opportunity to share my little world with others and I decided to  seize it.   

How has the industry impacted your life?

Positively. I made more  friends, the family became even bigger. This gave me a professional experience and it provided a platform that allowed me to speak out my thoughts and learn from others. I introduced myself to some brilliant people and was mentored by them…. I am growing and I like it.

What is your vision? And why?

I would like to work in Humanitarian and make an impact in that area through my music.  

What is your favorite food?

I love my mom’s « igitoke c’umuvyeyi » Bananas. It is the best dish that I loved for all the years I spent living at home.

What is your dream place for holidays?

Barcelona, Spain. I love their language (Spanish) and would like to evolve in a Spanish environment, learn the culture, and improve my accent and vocabulary to perfection.

What do you always want to do during your free time?

I practice how to play musical instruments. I wish to master the flute and piano. They look nice and sounds great.

What is the most prestigious gift you’ve ever given to someone?

Love, respect and honesty.

What is the most valuable gift you have ever received from someone?

Generosity, faith, love and true friendship.  

What do you see in Burundi’s music industry five years from now?

Five years from now Burundian artists will be much more united and they will put the industry to international level.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

10 years from now I want to be working in some refugee camps because I love the human contact, empowering people especially women because I have a strong faith in women. I can see myself traveling all over the world with my dearest friends and my parents. I can’t tell if I will be married yet but I hope to be having a handsome and brilliant fiancé.

What message are you sending out to Burundian youths?

Dream big and dedicate yourself to make it come true.


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