Q and A with Bernadette Niyoyitungira

Burundi Time’s Joella Niciteretse spoke with Bernadette Niyoyitungira a student at Summit University a victim of 1993 civil war, shared her passion and experience in social and professional life. Bernadette is finalizing her studies at Summit International University majoring in Hospitality and tourism. She became the first Runner- Up of the Miss handicap Burundi...

How Regional States Can Mitigate Negative Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Trade

These gains will be eroded especially if regional States do not stand together and collectively respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. PHOTO|FILE. The gains made by countries in the eastern and southern Africa, through free trade are under threat. In the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa - COMESA, with 21 countries, internal...

Strength of women in Burundi’s peace building process

There are several politicians and former presidents of Burundi who are considered as the country’s Democracy, peace and Independence heroes.