Burundi: Take covid-19 jab at your own risk

Burundi opens for deployment of covid-19 vaccines in the country but with reservations. PHOTO| FILE.

While Burundi this Wednesday announced that the World Bank will fly in covid-19 vaccines, the country’s Internal Affairs minister Gervais Ndirakobuca said that despite the vaccines being accepted in the country the government will not take any responsibility.

“Any Burundian who feels or needs to be vaccinated will go and get vaccinated on their own will but whatever happens after they shouldn’t ask the government,” said the Internal Affairs Minister.

Mr. Ndirakobuca’s comments comes a day after the Minister for Health Thaddee Ndikumana held a press conference in Bujumbura announcing the World Bank’s intention to fly in covid-19 Vaccines.

“Whoever wants to bring vaccines including the World Bank they are most welcome but the government won’t be held accountable for any damages caused by the vaccines on individuals,” said Burundi’s Minister for Health

According to the Burundian government, storage facilities are already in place to conserve the vaccines after arriving in the country, “Burundians we should respect covid-19 measures which are in place by avoiding handshakes and ensure washing hands with soap,” said Burundi’s Internal Affairs minister Gervais Ndirakobuca.

His comments comes as the country relaxed restrictive covid-19 measures by lifting the mandatory 14 days quarantine on passengers arriving in the country, and the reopening of some border points and airspace.

This month Burundi has seen the escalation of covid-19 cases countrywide with the provinces of Bujumbura, Kirundo and Ngozi, in less than a week the country recorded 557 covid-19 cases.

However Thaddee Ndikumana the Burundi minister of Health said that the rise in the covdi-19 cases was due to the mass testing campaign that was launched in affected provinces, with 40% of the patients have recovered from the virus.

Burundi was the only East African member state yet to receive covid-19 vaccines after Tanzania had officially launched the vaccine rollout earlier this week.


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