Burundi: The bitter sugar

Lack of sugar in Burundi for several months has now resulted in the suspension of some local leaders who were suspected of diverting essential sugar supplies from citizens.

After a heated plenary session of Burundi’s senate, during which the Internal Affairs minister was questioned about the scandal surrounding the diversion of sugar, the internal affairs ministry suspended three local administrators, including the one from Bujumbura’s Mukaza Commune, pending further investigations.

Sugar has been one of the essential products scarce in Burundi for several months.

On Thursday, August 31st, 2023, President Evariste Ndayishimiye met with sugar wholesalers and SOSUMO, the sugar manufacturing company in Burundi, to find a solution to the problem. “You want the president to do everything… you should know that you represent me in Ngozi, and there are queries about sugar distribution there,” said President Ndayishimiye, questioning the responsibility of Ngozi province’s governor regarding sugar mismanagement.

The comments by president Ndayishimiye were made at the Paramedical School of Gitega.

While referring to the attendance list, Burundi president immediately requested that the many wholesalers absent from the meeting without justification, be removed from the list of wholesalers who obtain their supplies from SOSUMO.

“Regular monitoring and the keeping of a register of entries and exits should be made by SOSUMO sugar wholesalers. Governors of provinces should redouble their vigilance in the fair marketing of this product,” he added.


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