Call for prayers to continue as Muslim clerics meet authority

A mosque in Bwiza (Bujumbura) as congregants get ready to pray. PHOTO|FILE

The call for Muslim prayers (Adhan) to continue in Burundi after rumors emerged on social media that the internal affairs minister Gervais Ndirakobuca had restricted the call during night hours.

In a video that went viral on social media in Burundi contained the internal affairs minister advising religious leaders to avoid noise pollution during the late hours of the night, calling on the clerics to consider neighboring homesteads that complained about sleepless nights.

“The minister held the meeting with Muslim leaders about various concerns including one of the sheikhs who abused the minister while preaching and the leaders said that the perpetrator wasn’t recognized as a leader in any mosque,” said Pierre Nkurikiye the spokesman of Internal Affairs minister.

His comments came after the police on June 8th, 2021 arrested a preacher in a mosque in Bujumbura (Buterere) who is said to have insulted the internal affairs minister while preaching calling on the president to relieve the minister from his duties.

This resulted for the Burundi Muslim clerics on Thursday to meet with the internal affairs minister Gervais Ndirakobuca to clarify on the incident and take appropriate measures towards the election of the new Mufti for Muslims in Burundi which was pending for a couple of months.

“The call for prayers is part of our religion before we pray we respect that and can’t be changed…some say that it’s too loud and others it causes sleepless nights but we agreed that the call will continue as it was but the mosque leaders should make sure it doesn’t cause disturbance,” said Sheikh Kabano Idi Rajabu the leader of Imams in Burundi.

Mr. Kabano said that a lot has been ongoing on social media platforms and that’s why they decided to have a meeting with the Internal Affairs minister in order to make some clarifications on the rumors.

“About Ndikumana Rashid I don’t even know him he is not among the Imams and sheikhs..we don’t know where he came from and made comments without respect …Islam we always respect the authority,” reacted Idi Kabano when asked about the preacher accused of insulting the minister.


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