EALA calls for liberalization and domestication of the East African air space

The East African Legislative Assembly on Tuesday called on member states to expedite the liberalisation and domestication of the East African Community airspace.

A motion in the East African Legislative Assembly was moved by Paul Musamali and Kennedy Musyoka calling on the council of ministers and partner states as per Article 89 of the Treaty for Partner States to undertake evolve co-ordinated, harmonised and complementary transport policies.

“East African Community needs to liberalize the airspace in order to promote tourism. We should take the opportunity of hosting the African Cup of Nations the (Pamoja Bid)to promote more tourism by facilitating travels within the region,” said Kennedy Musyoka EALA member from Kenya.

According to Article 92 of the Treaty of the establishment of the East African Community, the Partner States specifically committed to harmonise their policies on civil aviation to promote the development of safe, reliable, efficient and economically viable civil aviation.

The treaty indicates that member states are to take necessary steps to facilitate the establishment of joint air services and the efficient use of aircraft as steps towards the enhancement of air transportation within the Community.

Since the collapse of the first Community and the dismantling of the East African Airways, Partner States have established national airlines and registered and licensed private airlines to facilitate movement of passengers throughout the Community, including Kenya Airways, Rwandair, Air Tanzania and Uganda Airlines and several private airlines.

The regional assembly called on member states to consider expanding the mandate of the East African Civil Aviation Safety and Security Oversight Agency (CASSOA) to include coordination of airlines and flight schedules of airlines operating within the Community.

CASSOA was established as an institution of the EAC in 2007 to provide a common framework and mechanism for the Partner States to fulfil their international safety and security oversight obligations.

“We urgently call on national and private airlines operating in the Community to coordinate their flight schedules as required by Article 92 (3)(g) of the Treaty in order to promote the availability of flexible and convenient travel within the Community,” said Paul Musamali a regional Law maker from Uganda.

In 2006, EAC Partner States initiated the implementation of Yamoussoukro Decision on the liberalisation of air transport in the region, and established an Air Transport sub-Committee, which is mandated with its implementation.


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