Fuel price in Burundi drops by 8 percent

Burundi’s Minister of Energy and Mines Ibrahim Uwizeye yesterday said that following the decline in the world prices of petroleum products, “there was also a decrease in the costs of transporting these products by boats from the refineries to the

port of Dar Es Salam, for deliveries in February 2024,” said the minister.

According to the energy minister on following the drop in the global market for the prices of fuel the government decided to revise the consumer price of the fuel in the country.

Petrol price in Burundi dropped from 4350 Bif to 4000 Bif per liter, diesel dropped to 3925 bif/ liter while kerosene stood at 3905 bif per liter.

The announcement comes as the country is trying to stabilize the inflation that spiked since last year.

According to the country’s Central Bank (BRB) the country’s inflation rate stands at 27 percent the highest the country has experienced since 2009.


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