Malaria remains the leading cause of deaths in Burundi

mosquito on human skin at sunset

As the would celebrates World Malaria Day, the Burundi ministry of health in a statement said that despite the decline of malaria cases in the country, the killer disease remains the number one cause of deaths in Burundi.

“Indeed, malaria remains the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Burundi. As an indication, in the first quarter of 2022, 1,863,288 people were tested positive while for the same period in 2023, 982,863 people were tested positive,” a statement read from Burundi’s Ministry of Health.

According to the Burundi health ministry, the decline in Malaria cases was due to the mass distribution of mosquito nets to the population before the end of 2022.

“In addition, public awareness activities on measures to combat malaria, intra-home spraying in the districts of Muyinga, Ngozi and also to deal in time with any drug resistance,” the statement reads from the ministry of health.

Burundi government said it intends to soon introduce the malaria vaccine to children from 6 to 18 months.

This vaccine will be introduced into routine vaccination and will start in 8 provinces nationwide that recorded more Malaria cases and deaths.

The provinces are Bubanza, Cibitoke, Karusi, Kirundo, Muyinga, Ngozi, Rutana and Ruyigi.

Since 2008, on April 25 of each year, the International Community celebrates World Malaria Day. This year’s theme is “Promoting health equity, gender equality and human rights”.


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