Money transfer agents call for suspension of new tariffs

The Head Quarters of one of the telephone companies in Burundi (Lumitel). PHOTO| Lumitel.

The Mobile Money transfer agents have called on the suspension of the new tariffs imposed by mobile telephone communications that has been hectic for both customers and agents.

During a meeting that was held this Thursday 13, January, under the auspices of the Bank of the Republic of Burundi (BRB) and in collaboration with the Telecommunications Regulatory and Control Agency (ARCT), a meeting was organized to exchange on the payment services offered by the Agents and Super Agents of electronic transactions.

The mobile money transfer agents were concerned about the telephone companies that hiked the transfer tariffs without being consulted or sensitized about the changes.

“We call on the authorities to really help us because we are now not making any profit it’s really hard time for us,” said one of the agents in Bujumura.

According to the agent, withdrawing 100,000bif used to cost about 2200bif but now it costs almost 2800bif.

Hoping for the better solution to be found by the stakeholders and Burundian authority, the Representative of the BRB at the meeting.

Mr. Prosper Ngendanganya the Director of Supervision, Financial Stability, and Financial Inclusion, recommended to set up a framework to exchange and collaboration between institutions and their partners who are agents and super agents, to ensure that digital financial services are offered, while protecting the interests of all stakeholders, especially the Burundian population.


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