Protests in Islamabad over attacks on religious minorities

Pakistan students protest ban of student unions PHOTO|FILE.

Pakistan-Protesters gathered outside the National Press Club on the call of Minorities Alliance Pakistan (MAP) to condemn attacks on Christian pastors in Peshawar in which a pastor was killed and another seriously injured.

Pastor William Siraj was killed and Pastor Patrick Naeem injured last week.

The protesters called on the government to urgently investigate the attacks and assure on the safety of religious minorities.

The protesters demanded that terrorists involved in the killing of Pastor William should immediately be arrested and brought to justice,.

“Federal government is not serious to implement National Action Plan (NAP) and National Security Policy in its true spirit. We are surprised that why government is showing kindness and leniency for the killers of humanity. We will not tolerate further attack on our people and places of worship,” said Bhatti.

Christians have historically been mistreated, marginalised, and attacked in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, minorities like Hindus, Christians, Ahmaddiyas, and Shias are frequently harassed and persecuted.


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