Street vendors given 4 days to leave the streets

Street vendors selling food in one of the streets in Bujumbura. PHOTO| Bujumbura Mairie.

The mayor of Bujumbura Jimmy Hatungimana has given street vendors an ultimatum to leave the streets during his routine visits in Bujumbura on Thursday this week.

While in Rohero in one of the busiest streets, Bujumbura mayor gave four days for all the street vendors to leave the streets and relocate to markets or rent shops.

“Traders who have set up stands in front of the shops are called upon to put the items inside and those who have set up along the streets are invited to draw up lists in order to benefit from the stands in the various markets,” a statement reads from the Bujumbura City Council.

“The Mayor granted a period of 4 days to traders who carry out their activities on the public highway. He announced it during a raid he made this Thursday, March 24, 2022 at various points of sale located in the Rohero,” part of the statement reads.

Burundi Times | Burundi Times Burundi mayor Jimmy Hatungimana during his tour on the the streets of Bujumbura on March, 24th, 2022. PHOTO| Bujumbura Mairie.

This comes days after the Ministry of Internal Affairs banned motorcycles, tricycles and bicycles used as public transport from entering the city center and extended their perimeter to the outskirts of Bujumbura.

A move that saw owners and riders left devastated, many say that most of their customs use the means to access the city center.

However, the internal affairs ministry gave special authorization to disabled individuals, diplomatic and Non-Governmental Organisations owned with the affiliated number plates to use the transport means within the city center.


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