This is how EAC member states contributed, amid financial crisis

The East African Court of Justice and the Wast African Legislative Assembly last week announced the suspension of its activities due to lack of funds.

A report on the status of partner states contribution as at May 17th 2024 indicated that Democratic republic of Congo is yet to remit its annual contribution despite joining the community two years ago.

Status of total outstanding

DRC – $ 14,704,248

Burundi – $ 12,726,994

South Sudan – $ 8,610,255

Rwanda – $ 2,758,780

Uganda – $  960,774

Tanzania – $ 122,694

Kenya – $ 20

The above pending remittances from member states makes a total $39,883,765 that was expected to execute program and the community for this financial year ending in less than a month.

Burundi Times | Burundi Times

Despite Democratic Republic of Congo remaining the biggest defaulter owing the community $14.7 million. Last year, South Sudan received a waiver from the community owing them more than $30 million.

The treaty establishing the East African Community obliges partner states to pay their annual contribution before December of each financial year.

The East African Community partner states pay an equal amount of funds to the community which represents almost 50 percent of the EAC budget.

Every financial year, partner states contribute $7.3 million each to fund the EAC’s activities.

Article 146 of the treaty establishing the East African community indicates that the summit may suspend a member state from taking part in the activities of the community if it fails to observe and fulfil the fundamental principles and objectives of the treaty. That includes the failure to meet the financial commitments to the EAC within a period of eighteen months.


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