Burundi president relieves OTRACO chief from duty

Burundi president (left) with OTRACO General director visiting one of the facilities of OTRACO that are yet to be completed on Tuesday June,29,2021. PHOTO: Credit

Burundi president Evariste Ndayishimiye has relieved the Director General of Otraco (Public Transport Office) Albert Maniratunga for failure to deliver the decentralization of issuing Technical Control licenses of vehicles in the provinces of Gitega, Ngozi and Bururi provinces.

“So all of those who need the license have to travel to Bujumbura.. do you how much money people have lost? what have you done to implement? from now let it be the OTRACO DG or the contractor no one should enter here until we have seen the implementation,” said Burundi president while in Gitega.

Burundi president said that the contractor (Global Society Technical) should suspend the operations for failure to deliver within the agreement’s timeframe, “the contractors have failed to implement our agreement since 2015 it’s still empty in Gitega, Ngozi and Bururi all the drivers in need of those documents have to go to Bujumbura,” said the Burundi president.

It is not the first time for President Evariste Ndayishimiye to relieve top officials from their offices with immediate effect for failure to deliver, corruption and non-competence related cases.

The recent culprit was Burundi’s former trade and transport minister Immaculee Ndabaneze, accused of tarnishing the country’s image.


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