Burundi-Tanzania border reopens for travelers

Burundi reopens border with Tanzania. PHOTO|FILE.

Burundi Tanzania borders of Kober-Kabanga and Mugina were earlier this week reopened after the Burundian authority announced that the borders were now operational for travellers from and to Burundi.

While addressing the press in Bujumbura, the Permanent Secretary of Burundi’s Health ministry Jean Baptiste Nzorironkankuze said that the borders were operational after the consultation between the Covid-19 committee members on way forward.

“Border of Kobero and Mugina which were closed now have reopened and facilities are in place to make sure travelers moving in and out of the country are screened for covi-19,” said the Permanent Secretary.

Mr. Nzorironkankuze said that Burundians and non-citizens who used to arrive at the Melchior Ndadaye International Airport were obliged to be quarantined for four days and two covid-19 tests conducted, “from today it has been suspended…from now on they will quarantine themselves for 24hrs to places of their choice at home or hotel before getting the covid-19 results.”

Burundi heavily rely on the Kobero-Kabanga border where most of the country’s imports are transported through which includes rice, beans, wheat and oil.


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