Fuel crisis hits Burundi again

Burundi is yet again facing fuel crisis PHOTO| Burundi Times.

Burundi again is facing a fuel crisis after months of what citizens called “sufficient fuel” the country.

Despite diesel being available at the petrol station around Bujumbura, long queues have been witnessed at almost every fuel station as petrol shortage rocks again the country.

“I have parked my car at this fuel station for a third day now …I don’t know when petrol will be available but we are not working anymore,” said one of the taxi drivers in Bujumbura.

This is not the first time the country has faced the shortage of fuel, since last year fuel has been one of the scarce imported products in the country with some economists arguing that the shortage is due to the lack of sufficient foreign reserves.

Inter-Petrol one of the leading fuel supplier in the country has seen its fuel supply in the country diminish significantly, with new players coming in to import more fuel in order to satisfy the growing demand.

Many have been affected by the current fuel crisis especially transporters, who say that it has been days petrol stations around Bujumbura halted providing fuel.


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