Riders despaired as deadline looms

Burundi is yet again facing fuel crisis PHOTO| Burundi Times.

The tricycle mostly known as the (Tuk-Tuk) in Burundi, motorcycle and bicycle riders are desperate after the government’s move to extend their limit zones in Bujumbura deadline is closing in.

Burundi’s Internal Affairs minister Gervais Ndirakobuca on Thursday extended the deadline for all the tricycle and motorcycle owners to be registered in Bujumbura in efforts to comply with the new order to limit the riders from accessing the city center.

“We have added ten more days for the owners of the motorcycles and tricycles to register them past that deadline any tricycle or motorcycle found unregistered will be considered as used in committing crimes,” said the Burundi internal affairs minister.

Burundi government in taking the decision to limit tricycles and motorcycles in the city center said it was an effort to reduce road accidents in the city.

The minister of internal affairs said that due to the increased road accidents the ministry decided to extend the perimeter of the fore mentioned means of transport further to the outskirts of the city.

“We don’t know how we are going to survive because most of our clients come from or go to those places which we were prohibited to work in,” said one of the riders in  Bujumbura.

Calls on social media for the government to rescind the decision never changed the government’s stance on the decision, however the internal affairs minister Gervais Ndirakobuca said that the decision will remain in place with the exception of the disabled individuals for their mobility.

“Not only us that are now going to be in loss but even the owners because some have bought these tricycles recently so it’s a big loss,” said a tricycle rider in Bujumbura.


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