Burundi play maker’s funeral causes outrage

Former Burundi football play maker Papy Faty’s funeral has caused outrage in the country after his remains were received at Bujumbura international airport on Thursday 9th, Papy Faty who is believed to have converted to Islam was buried last Friday as a Christian a move that has angered the Muslim community in Burundi. “His...

East African countries at high risk of debt distress again

EAC countries at risk of debt distress
EAC countries at risk of debt distress

Farmers call for EAC member states to implement Malabo declaration

The farmers’ forum is expected to present a petition to the upcoming East African Community heads of state summit signed by one million farmers. PHOTO: Burundi Times
In the financial year 2018-2019 all the East African member states allocated less than 10% of the budget on agriculture with the exception of Burundi which allocated 10.69% despite a high malnutrition rate in the country. During the fourth East African Community (EAC) agriculture summit that took place on May 10th in...

Burundi hands over seven armed men to Rwandan authorities

Burundi government says the seven ‘armed criminals’ who were arrested earlier this month were officially handed over to the Rwandan authorities, the seven armed men are said to have been captured by the Burundian army on 8th April while entering Burundian territory through Nyugwe forest. “Yesterday seven criminals from Rwanda were handed over to Rwandan authorities in the presence of...

Burundi’s play maker Papy Faty dies on the pitch

Burundi’s 28 year old play maker Papy Faty has died after collapsing on the football pitch during a match in Eswatini, the player was in action for his club Malanti chiefs against the Green Mamba in the Killarney stadium in Pigg’s Peak in the afternoon of Thursday 25th Faty collapsed 15miniutes into the game...

Burundi expels controversial pastor for ‘suspicious activities’

Burundi government have expelled the controversial pastor “Prophet Modeste after being detained by the security forces in Bujumbura earlier this month, the pastor who predicted Burundi national team’s 1-1 draw with Gabon last month became popular after the country booked ticket for the continental men’s football in Egypt. “Modeste Kayihura also known as prophet Modeste,...

UNCTAD: Foreign Direct Investment in East Africa declines

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows to East Africa fell by 14% in 2018, this is according to the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). This despite FDI flows to Africa bucking the global trend and registering and increase of 6% in 2018, though most of these inflows went to North and Southern Africa.

28 years of Burundi national unity.

28 years since Burundians voted for the charter of national unity in a referendum conducted on February 1991